Pre-Dive Season Check List

The 2023 dive season will be here before you know it, so lets start preparing our gear and bodies for the season.

Our bodies are very complex and tolerate a lot of abuse (weight gain, smoking, lack of cardio activities, and pre-existing conditions (high blood pressure, obesity & diabetes.)  Diving With Diabetes

No one knows your body better that you…… if you start feeling different  (different in a bad way) listen to your body and seek medical advise!


Tanks:  VIP/Hydro

Regulator:  Last time serviced?

Mask:  Rubber seal and strap in good condition?

BC:  Make sure it holds air and check for dry rot

Scooters:  Seals, battery and battery charger

Wreck Reels:  Working condition, enough line to get to the honey hole!

Safety Sausage:  At least (1) 6 footer (bright color), with the ability to deploy from the bottom (wreck reel with 100′ – 120′) 

Dive Computers:  Straps, battery condition

Mesh bag:  Check for holes

Weights:  Proper amount of weights, belt and weight pockets (good condition)

Clips:  Make sure all clips are in good working condition