Charter Information


Any mandates made by Emperor Cooper related to the China virus will not be enforced onboard the Jet Lag…..if you want to wear a mask, gloves and body armor that’s your choice.

Do You have dive accident insurance?

In order to dive with us you are required to have some type of dive accident insurance.

Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving as a hazardous recreational activity and/or may not provide coverage when you are traveling out of the country. If it does provide coverage, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatments. There may be large out-of-pocket payments for deductibles and co-pays. These alone can total thousands of dollars.

Having dive accident insurance is now required so please click on the DAN logo above  for membership information.  If you do sign up for a membership please use this referral code.

Your referral code is: 2757944

Diver Experience

Because of the complexity of the offshore conditions we no longer take divers that have not been diving with us before unless you come recommended by one of our approved divers (see exception below)

Occasionally I will allow a new diver to dive with us with certain conditions:

  • If conditions allow a crew member to dive with you!
  • After talking with you personally……please don’t mention that this is a bucket list dive!
  • Sea conditions must be perfect (captains call)

To dive on the Jet Lag divers must be an experienced diver (not just by training)

Divers must have at least their advanced open water, certified in open ocean conditions not quarry or lake conditions!

Must have their nitrox certification

 Crew Tips

Tips are not required or expected on this boat but if you feel like throwing a little extra towards a crew member there is a tip container available.

Charter Minimum:

  • 6 divers (preferred) We will consider running the charter with less than 6 divers under certain conditions.

Day of Charter

  • If you are prone to getting sea sick please take something prior to leaving the dock!
  • After arriving at the dive location if you choose not to dive (for any reason) you still will be required to pay for your charter!
  • Please arrive at the boat at your scheduled time.
  • Jet Lag is located at 104 Carl Winner Dr. Carolina Beach NC 28428, the West end of the Carolina Beach Boat Basin Slip #2, (gravel parking lot) across the street from the Gulf Stream Restaurant, (Carolin Beach Location).
  • Pull up behind the boat to unload your gear, once your gear is unloaded move your vehicle so others can do the same.
  • Parking is available across the street (pay station)
  • All divers must show their required certification cards, proof of dive accident insurance and sign the “Liability Release Form” PRIOR to boarding the boat (all forms must be legible).
  • Prior to leaving the dock we will have you set up your dive gear to make sure you have everything you need.

What to Bring

  • Sun screen, hat, snacks, your favorite drink (no alcohol), towel and a happy face.
  • Jet Lag has a very large cooler for our divers to use so if you show up with a cooler we will be asked you to use ours.

Dive Gear

  • O2 Analyzer (if you’re diving nitrox you’re responsible to analyze your own tanks, Jet Lag Dive Charters will no longer provide the analyzer)
  • Gloves
  • Mesh bag
  • Tools and O-rings for your gear
  • Dive knife, line cutter (required)
  • Pony Bottle (used for emergencies only) (required)
  • Wreck reel (required)
  • Safety Sausage (minimum of 6′)  You must have enough line attached to your SMB to reach the surface from between 100′ – 120′ (required)
  • Dive Computer (you must know how to use it) (required)
  • Weights (dive boat does not provide weights)
  • Safety Whistle or other alert devise (required)
  • Wetsuit
  • Regulator, BC, Fins, Booties, Mask, Snorkle

Boat Rules

  • No pouting
  • No sailor talk please be respectful of others on the boat.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the boat.
  • No deco unless you have the training, technical divers must have all equipment staged to do their dives.
  • All dive plans and profiles must be cleared with the captain/crew prior to each dive.
  • Divers are required to plan their dive and dive their plan!
  • Divers are required to have at least (1) safety sausage (minimum of 6′) attached to a thumb reel with enough line to reach the surface from between 100′ – 120′  of water. (required)
  • Pony tanks are (required) are to be used for emergency use only.
  • For all inshore/offshore ledge dives you must be Nitrox certified.
  • Divers must stay clipped in (attached) to the anchor chain while on the bottom.  

    ** We are Tech and Rebreather friendly, But all dive plans and profiles must be cleared with the captain prior to departure. The captain/crew has the final say on how long your profile will be and when you will be expected back on board.

Dive Rules

Breaking these rules will end your dive day and you will still be required to pay!

  • Diver must return to the boat with 500 psi
  • Divers must stay attached to anchor chain via their wreck reel while looking for teeth
  • No free swimming
  • Divers must not use their pony, swing or bail-out bottle unless it’s an emergency
  • Dive computer locks you out
  • Surfacing away from boat
  • Not doing required safety stops

Boat Information

  • Boat name:  “Jet Lag”
  • Boat details:  43′ Torres, 16′ Beam, Twin 450 hp Cummins Turbo Engines
  • Emergency:  EPIRB, AED, DAN Oxygen Kit, Large Trauma Bag, Emergency air (nitrox) at hang bar.
  • USB charging stations, fresh water wash down.
  • All crew members are enrolled in a random drug testing program (Maritime Consortium).

Rental Information

We do have an awesome dive shop here in Carolina Beach (Carolina Beach Scuba) if you need anything for your charter their number is (910-458-7390)  Divers are responsible for picking up and returning items rented for dive shop.

Air Fills

Divers that bring their own tanks will be responsible for:

  • Transporting their tanks to and from the local dive shop prior to your scheduled charter.
  • To pay the dive shop for their air/nitrox fills before leaving town!

Payment Option:

Dive Charter: Pay Jet Lag directly after your last charter.
Cash, Check or Venmo @Lorna-Hatcher-1
Make checks payable to “Jet Lag Dive Charters, LLC”

Cancellation Policy

When your name or group gets added to our calendar you will be charged for those days unless:

  • You cancel 48 hrs before your charter
  • The conditions are not safe to dive
  • We can fill the spots required to run the charter (less than 48 hrs notice)

Please If You…….

Have any questions about an upcoming charter or are planning one please don’t hesitate to email us at  We check our messages at the end of each day!